Explore some of the heartwarming stories and meet some of the very special kids and animals that became a part of our television show.



Cengiz is an 11-year-old boy who was born a normal healthy child. In 1994 he had surgery for a benign brain tumor. He tragically came out of the surgery in a coma and paralyzed. The doctors thought that he would never walk again. A little over a year ago, he meet an 1800 pound horse named Zoe and things began to change in the most profound ways. Find out more from Circle of Hope, a therapeutic horseback riding center and its founder, Leslie Shear.



Bruce is a 13-year-old boy that was sent two and a half years ago to Green Chimneys, a residential juvenile rehabilitation center. He was very troubled and had little trust in people. Bruce meet a Yorkshire Pig named Babe at the Green Chimneys Farm and Wildlife Center and finally found someone he could talk to. Green Chimneys has a worldwide reputation for bringing together troubled kids and animals, like Bruce and Babe, that need a second chance at life. Learn more about the wonderful things that happen at Green Chimneys from its founder and executive director, Dr. Samuel Ross.



How can an Atlantic bottle-nosed Dolphin with permanent disabilities and a five-year old girl with Down Syndrome help eachother? Working with Sunset Sam the Dolphin has helped develop young Aby's verbal and physical skills. Aby now swims and paints like Sunset Sam. Talk to Scott Swaim the director of the Full Circle Program and learn more about the small miracles that take place here. Sadly Sunset Sam died since our documentary was completed. Sunset Sam will be remember by all who met him for his remarkable intelligence, understanding and patience. And, of course, for his wonderful art work.



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